Prior to testing 1.5T automatic models, the performance of this engine we have more in-depth understanding of the performance of positive and full of fun driving it can make people who are particularly satisfied. Once with the gearbox from the double-clutch becomes 6MT, some conservative former low-speed region is a lot of open, fast response speed. Although the manual models, semi-linkage position of the clutch pedal is still very easy to find, just get used to it temper, continue to deal with urban traffic stop, start, stop, start and not an issue. But the experience, we found a large gap between the ratio 1 block and 2 gear only when the engine speed is higher than the vehicle speed at 2000rpm or raised to close to 15-20km / h, 1 block hanging from the second speed will not have jitter the case generated. Left traffic congestion, Maxplan performance becomes more considerate, and sensitive not only to enhance the speed, ease of operation of the shift mechanism driving manual transmission models also make it easy and enjoyable. According to the engineers said, in identifying each transmission gear ratio, 1 block is defined as a start / stop ramp, after five cruise gear gear are considered under different speed, this design is mainly to ensure that the engine in the most economical speed range to achieve the desired speed the driver improve fuel capacity of the vehicle. In this case the wind noise sound mixing engine operation noise will be relatively obvious, but still not substantially affect the normal exchange of passengers in the car. Some Internet users a message asking whether to provide a manual transmission Maxplan cruise? Teng Rui currently only have this automatic with models equipped with manual transmission models in level it should not have more with the cruise. Of course, we also feel that vendors can think manual models with cruise control recommendations. For example, in the Po Chun 560, Tiguan and other manual models, or to find the cruise figure.

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