Yesss. owo I found this youtuber thats really cool, aha. xD Hes called boyinaband, and I hadnt actually heard of him until today, but I really like his videos so far. ^^

I figured Id get this done now, since I have like fifteen minutes but Im still watching youtube videos, aha. xD Ill try to have a longer entry done for tomorrow, though! :3 

It turns out Sparkles and my sister are literally the same age! :o They both have their birthday on November fifth, and theyre both twelve, which is really cool! ewe 

Im going to have my hair cut tomorrow after school- its getting realllly long, and I havent had it cut in a while anyway, and then on top of that Im getting an academic award from school on Wednesday too. .3. Im not sure what time its at, though. //shrugs

Anyway, I think Im going to stop writing for tonight. ;u;

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure! :D

Good night guys! X3